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  • Update Blog #2

    Greetings All, I'm excited to announce the server updates that have helped shape Primal this following week.


    • Mage Arena 2-
      • The Mage Arena 2 has made it's way into Primal.
        • This Minigame will give you the option to receive an Imbued Magic Cape.
          • Completing the Mage Arena Minigame will allow you to complete this minigame.
            • You may pick which cape you want, if you only want the Guthix Imbued Cape,¬† You only have to kill that NPC.
            • The Imbued Capes are best in slot for Magic.
    • Inferno Changes
      • The Nibblers now have a greater attack rage.
      • The wave counter is now correct and will stop spawning after wave 69.
      • The Minigame is now complete-able.
      • The Pet is a 1/18 chance on a regular attempt, 1/8 on a Slayer Task.
    • Item Combinations
      • The Following Items are now able to be Created
        • Ornate Bandos Godsword
        • Ornate Zamorak Godsword
        • Ornate Saradomin Godsword
        • Ornate Armadyl Godsword
        • Infernal Harpoon
        • Ava's Assembler¬†
        • Imbued Guthix Cape
        • Imbued Saradomin Cape
        • Imbued Zamorak Cape
        • Ring of Wealth (I)
        • Granite Maul Kit.
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