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Donator Zone Revampread post

Greetings, Here is some server updates from the past week ?

  • Donator Zone Rework
    • Donator Zone has now been reworked and now is live in the game, you can get there using the commands "Dzone", and "Dz".
    • Woodcutting
      • Several trees have been planted and are ready for the Donators to chop ...

Primal Patch Notes #1read post

Greetings, Primal has went through several improvements, here is the following updates.

Server Adjustments

  • Theatre of Blood
    • Justiciar set has been added
      • However, the set bonus is not added because we don't want to Divine Spirit Shield. We're open to have a set effect later on.
    • Avernic Defender has been added and is now is the best in slot defender.
    • Ghraz...

Delay of Releaseread post

Greetings All,

As ateam we have came to the conclusion that we simply are not ready for release.

We apologize for this, but we want to deliver an experience that you can only get with Primal.

We will update you with the latest information and release date in the near future.

Make sure you are active in our <...

Delay of Releaseread post

I really do want to apologize for pushing this release back and further back, but I also don't want to hastily put something out there that isn't going to meet standards. Pushing back allows us more time to bug squash, add features and build our community.

I really want nothing but the best for our release and for our players. We will have a live beta up in the coming few days to allow our players assist with our bug fixes.

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