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  1. PrimalPS - Official

    1. News, Announcements & Updates

      In this board you will find news about PrimalPS. This includes our latest updates, staff changes and maintenance proposals. We recommend you check this board daily so you can stay up-to-date with recent happenings. 

    2. Important Information & Development Diaries

      All information related to PrimalPS will be kept here. This includes the game and forum rules which we expect all users to abide by. You can also find detailed development diaries from the developers of PrimalPS, which can make for an interesting read and provide insight to those interested in how PrimalPS operates and is created.

    3. Feedback, Recommendations & Glitch Reports

      If you're looking to get a new piece of content added to the game, make a post here. Likewise, let us know of any glitches that we've missed here. You can give us your suggestions about the game and website, and any that we really like will be placed in the Official Polls board to be voted on!

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    4. Events & Competitions

      At PrimalPS we like to host regular events to keep the community having fun. In this board you can find all the events that our staff team are hosting and get informed on how to be a part of them. There are sometimes cash prizes so it's worth checking this board regularly! 

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  2. PrimalPS - Community

    1. The Red Carpet

      Everyone likes a friendly face! Introduce yourself to the community here and start making some new friends. Once you're settled in, by all means post here to welcome others to our fantastic game.

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    2. General Discussion & Chat

      Talk about your favourite parts of PrimalPS, find out what bosses people prefer to fight and just generally have a nice chat with our community here.

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    3. Media, Goals & Achievements

      Here you can post your achievements and accomplishments as well as tell us what your goals for PrimalPS are. You can also share in-game pictures and videos here, such as banking and staking media.

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    4. Guides & Tutorials

      Learn about PrimalPS from the community in this board. You can share tips and advice here, or even write a full blown guide for the community to read. If you're lucky, your thread will be stickied for everyone to see!

    5. Clans

      Playing with your friends can be so enjoyable, so why not make a clan? You can post a recruitment thread here and then challenge another clan to a war. You can also show off your spoils of war and discuss tactics with other clans.

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    6. Marketplace

      Money makes PrimalPS go round, so use this board to get as much of it as you can! Barter with your items and gold here!

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  3. PrimalPS - Help Centre

    1. General Help

      If you're looking to have a random question of PrimalPS answered, post it here. Members of the community or staff members can then reply and help you. If your question belongs to a specific section, it will be moved for you.

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    2. Support Boards

      This is the nerve centre of our support forum, and it's where you can get help with those more specific parts of PrimalPS. Use the child boards to navigate to the section you need help with and then post your question!

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    3. Appeals

      If you've been punished in-game or on the forum and want to appeal, this is the place to do it. Make sure to follow the formats within this board. Each section may have specific rules so be sure to read them as well before posting. If you feel you've been incorrectly punished and would like to report a staff member, you can do so here.

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    4. Report Abuse

      Post here to report a user or staff member. Be sure to follow the format and any rules in either section and provide as much detail as you can.

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    5. Rank Request

      If you feel you're deserving of a rank here, post here. Be sure to follow the format. This board is not to be used for staff ranks.

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  4. PrimalPS - Off Topic

    1. Literature, Music, Media and Arts

      Show off your Shakespearean knowledge, discuss your local dialect or just drop a link to your mixtape here. In this board you can share interesting media with others and express a love for the arts. Media related to PrimalPS is to be posted in this board.

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    2. Graphics & Computing

      Share your graphical abilities here or show off your latest computer build. If you submit a piece of graphic work for PrimalPS and we use it, expect a special prize!

    3. Gaming

      Are you a keen gamer? Do you prefer an exciting FPS or a challenging strategy game? Discuss your favourite games here! Discussion or advertisement of other RSPS's are prohibited.

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    4. Forum Games & Spam

      Spam to your hearts content here, or play some fun forum games. Post count in this board will not be recorded, so go wild.

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