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Update Blog #1

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Primal has taken a large step forward today. Here is a list of our current updates.

Server Updates

  • Kill Death Ratio Changes
    • Server will now announce your kill death ratio for the world to see!
  • Npc Killcount
    • A bug previously not allowing your Killcounters to be shown has been patched. All kills before should be backlogged onto the killcount screen.
  • Duel Arena Changes
    • No longer need 24 hours of play time to access the duel arena.
    • Incorrect Saving of data for the Duel Arena has been corrected.
    • Administrators are allowed to duel, but not allowed to stake.
  • Trading Post-
    • The Trading Post has made it's way to Primal!
      • Simply Right Click any stall a home to access the Trading Post.
      • Several Bugs have been squashed with this system.
      • A dupe of receiving extra stacked items was also fixed with this patch.
      • The Trading Post will save in the event of the Server crashing.
        • (However, if the VPS goes offline without the Server saving, your items still should be saved on Logout.)
  • Quality of Life Changes:
    • Mac has been moved away and does not wander away at home.
    • Teleport Handler has been moved back towards to home location of the map.
    • You may now click on the globe to open the teleport interface.
    • The Chronicle has been added to both Iron man and Ultimate Iron man at the start of the Game.
    • Slayer Points now update in the quest tab after;
      • Each Task has been completed.
      • Each Boss Task has been completed.
      • Each Wilderness Boss Task that is completed.
      • Each Duo Slayer Task.
      • A streak of 10,50,and 100 Slayer Tasks.
      • Each Wilderness Task.

Client Updates:

  • Graphical Changes:
    • A new Background was installed, and removing of gif support for future backgrounds.
      • The ability to save three accounts has been added.
      • Support for the ability to save these accounts with a Remember Me Option was created.
  • Home Changes:
    • Edgeville has been completely revamped to meet our servers needs!
      • A Wilderness Resource Option will be available for Veteran and Donators for the first two weeks of release.
        • Following that, all regular players will gain access for a small fee of 500,000 coins.
          •  XP rates inside the Zone will be less than the XP you would gain in the wilderness
    • Mini Duel Arena has been added at home, but support for the dueling will come with the next update.
    • PVP Hub:
      • Adjustments to the PVP Room above the bank has been made.
        • Ornate Pool has been added in the Room for Donators to use.
          • Ornate Pool can only be used every 180 seconds.
            • Will Remove Poison and Venom
    • Anti-Alasing will be defaulted until you turn it off.
  • Cache Changes:
    • Support for 177 Data.
      • Updated Readvalues.
        • Dumped Latest NPC Definitions s, Item Definitions, And Animations.

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