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Update Blog #2

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Greetings All, I'm excited to announce the server updates that have helped shape Primal this following week.


  • Mage Arena 2-
    • The Mage Arena 2 has made it's way into Primal.
      • This Minigame will give you the option to receive an Imbued Magic Cape.
        • Completing the Mage Arena Minigame will allow you to complete this minigame.
          • You may pick which cape you want, if you only want the Guthix Imbued Cape,  You only have to kill that NPC.
          • The Imbued Capes are best in slot for Magic.
  • Inferno Changes
    • The Nibblers now have a greater attack rage.
    • The wave counter is now correct and will stop spawning after wave 69.
    • The Minigame is now complete-able.
    • The Pet is a 1/18 chance on a regular attempt, 1/8 on a Slayer Task.
  • Item Combinations
    • The Following Items are now able to be Created
      • Ornate Bandos Godsword
      • Ornate Zamorak Godsword
      • Ornate Saradomin Godsword
      • Ornate Armadyl Godsword
      • Infernal Harpoon
      • Ava's Assembler 
      • Imbued Guthix Cape
      • Imbued Saradomin Cape
      • Imbued Zamorak Cape
      • Ring of Wealth (I)
      • Granite Maul Kit.
  • Shop Changes
    • Voting Shop has been updated.
      • Ranger Boots have been added back to the Vote Shop.
      • The Abyssal Whip has been added back to the Vote Shop.
      • Below are new additions to the Vote Shop.
        • Occult Ornament Kit
        • Bandos Ornament Kit
        • Zamorak Godsword Ornament Kit
        • Torture Ornament Kit
        • Dragon Boots Ornament Kit
        • Grain Bag
        • Team 0 Cape
        • Top Hat
        • Super Combat Potions
        • Frozen Whip Paint
        • Volcanic Whip Paint
    • Donator Shop Revamp
      • The following items have been added to the Donator Shop;
        • Ring of Coins (50 Credits)
        • Imbued Heart (35 Credits)
        • Skotos (50 Credits)
        • Third Age Melee (200 for the Set)
        • Third Age Range (105 for the Set)
        • Black Santa Hat ( 250 Credits)
    • Slayer Revamp
      • Donators will now receive extra points per consecutive task! 
        • Legendary will receive 30 extra points!
          • Extreme Donators will recieve 15.
            • Super Donators will receive 10.
              • Donators will receive an additional 5 points per consecutive task.
      • Superiors will now spawn at the Rate of 1/175 instead of 1/199.
      • Cerberus Cave now costs 1250 points to obtain access.
      • Turquoise Slayer Helm can now be created.  
      • Slayer Tasks have been shortened.
        • No task should be over 200 kills unless you have extended that task.







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