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    Hello All, We now have a new home with new map data. Please check it out and let us know what changes need to be made. Have fun playing 🙂 !
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    Looks amazing, you guys out did yourselves. A couple minor things I noticed that could be fixed, Master Thurgo doesn't have a dialogue. Master Chef doesn't have a dialogue. The Bloody Key Chest is underneath the portal of legends. The portal of legends doesn't work. The Fairy tree doesn't do anything when you interact with it. The trap door doesn't work. The development team is probably already tracking these minor things but if not, here you go 😛 Thanks guys, good job 🙂
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    Will the Thrill, Happy to have ya!
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    Will, Thanks for suggesting those changes The ones that are striked out are completed are in the game now 🙂
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    Official Staff List Owners: @Stars @Sly Developer @Logan Administrators @Lazy Moderators @Sassy @Bronson Server Support Open
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    Donator Shop: Yell tag change scroll Name change scroll Slayer skip scroll Imbue ring scroll Mystery Box (Rewards ranging from a whip, to barrows, to a very slight chance of getting AGS? And those kind of items) Bone crusher (Automatic bone burying) Holy wrench Bag of bones (Automatic bone picking) Darklight Ancient Shards for Darklight to become Arclight (FAST WAY OF CHARGING) Elite Void D Claws ONLY. Ags/Bgs/Zgs/Sgs ONLY. Imbued God capes. (Useful for ironmen donors-to-be -- targeting ironmen) Ranger boots (Useful for ironmen donors-to-be -- targeting ironmen) Vote Shop: Supply Box (Ranarrs, prayer pots, super sets, food, dbones, runes, arrows, seeds, bars, ores, gems) Magic secateurs Firecape Torso Defender Crystal Tools (Halberd/Bow/Shield/Pickaxe/Axe) Tree teleport pod Christmas Cracker Santa Hat Mask H. Set Bunny Ears Scythe Gnome child hat Jester/Wolly hat and scarf Flippers Ring of coins/nature Easter ring Tools Shop: Containing all skilling tools from 1 lvl tools to runite tools/lobster pot and so on these tools. Mage Shop: Everything but blood rune. Melee Shop: Everything but dragon armour. Dont include whip or anything. Last tier should be dragon weps. Range Shop: Everything. Even black dhide set. Other shops: Remove skilling supplies Shark Prayer Potion/Restores These kind of high-end/tier supplies