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  1. Greetings, As Primal grows and expands, so will our staff team. Please welcome our latest staff member @Bronson. Bronson has shown the leadership skills that our staff members require, and his consistency and reliability are unmatched. Thank you for helping with our server grow. -Stars
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    Will the Thrill, Happy to have ya!
  3. Will, Thanks for suggesting those changes The ones that are striked out are completed are in the game now 🙂
  4. edit: worked on these, the ones i've greyed out are the completed ones I did today, As for the drop table, for some reason they are being multiplied, not sure where exactly. Still investigating the drop issues. Also, changed the rates for the amount of blood money drops and bloody key drops. More emblems are also being worked into the game. will have a usage for these coming up.
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    Official Staff List Owners: @Stars @Sly Developer @Logan Administrators @Lazy Moderators @Sassy @Bronson Server Support Open
  6. Mod Jed sent me these. he's my cousin irl.
  7. Attached below is the current code for the drop table for the Chambers of Xeric val UNIQUE = 0.2 val UNCOMMON = 16.0 val COMMON = 68.0 val RARE = 2.0 val VERY_RARE = 0.4 val ALWAYS = 100.0 enum class RaidsRewards constructor(itemId: Int, var minimum_amount: Int, var maximum_amount: Int, var chance: Double) { OLMLET_PET(20851, 1, 1, UNIQUE), TWISTED_BOW(20997, 1, 1, UNIQUE), TWISTED_BUCKLER(21000, 1, 1, UNIQUE), ELDER_MAUL(21003, 1, 1, UNIQUE), DRAGON_HUNTER_CROSSBOW(21012, 1, 1, UNIQUE), DRAGON_CLAWS(13652, 1, 1, UNIQUE), DINHS_BULWARK(21015, 1, 1, UNIQUE), ANCESTRAL_HAT(21018, 1, 1, UNIQUE), ANCESTRAL_ROBE_TOP(21021, 1, 1, UNIQUE), ANCESTRAL_ROBE_BOTTOM(21024, 1, 1, UNIQUE), DRAGON_HARPOON(21028, 1, 1, UNIQUE), DEXTEROUS_PRAYER_SCROLL(21034, 1, 1, UNIQUE), ARCANE_PRAYER_SCROLL(21079, 1, 1, UNIQUE), DRAGON_SWORD(21009, 1, 1, UNIQUE), KODAI_INSIGNIA(21043, 1, 1, UNIQUE), DRAGON_THROWNAXE(20849, 1, 100, UNCOMMON), GRIMY_TOADFLAX(3049, 15, 200, UNCOMMON), GRIMY_IRIT_LEAF(209, 30, 250, UNCOMMON), GRIMY_AVANTOE(211, 15, 100, COMMON), GRIMY_KWUARM(213, 10, 60, COMMON), GRIMY_SNAPDRAGON(3051, 8, 80, UNCOMMON), GRIMY_CADANTINE(215, 12, 120, UNCOMMON), GRIMY_LANTADYME(2485, 18, 200, UNCOMMON), GRIMY_DWARF_WEED(217, 20, 300, UNCOMMON), GRIMY_TORSTOL(219, 5, 100, UNCOMMON), COAL(453, 100, 700, COMMON), MITHRIL_ORE(447, 25, 500, COMMON), ADAMANT_ORE(449, 9, 730, UNCOMMON), RUNITE_ORE(451, 3, 90, UNCOMMON), UNCUT_RUBY(1619, 100, 525, COMMON), UNCUT_DIAMOND(1617, 50, 250, UNCOMMON), TORN_SCROLL(21046, 1, 10, COMMON), TEAK_PLANK(8780, 300, 1000, UNCOMMON), MAHOGANY_PLANKS(8782, 100, 400, UNCOMMON); You have 1/100 chance of hitting the rare drop table if you do over 800 damage. Hope this helps!
  8. Greetings all, Fantastic February flies in Friday February 7th. This will be the first of 4 weekends where various events will be posted. Friday Event: Double XP starts off Fantastic February. Grind out some of those skills! Saturday Event: Double Pest Control Points! This stacks with the Donator bonus points! Sunday Event: Cancel that Task Sunday. All slayer tasks will be free to cancel on Sunday. See you all online -Stars
  9. Greetings, I've never actually posted an about me on any of my servers, So here we go. My names Austin. I'm 22 years old and I live in the Midwest. I'm currently hosting Primal as a way for us to generate a high tier server for a high tier community. Simply put, we are tired of other servers posted on the market, and want to create a server that is unique to us, and deliver at high quality content. We may strive away from OSRS because we believe it will help us in the long run. I've recruited @Sly to help us achieve that goal. He's been a part of primal for probably a decade now, as we've went through various name changes, server changes, and client changes. We've finally found a way for us to create a platform WORTH sharing, and in turn, we hope you enjoy Primal for what it is, an Adventure. I started developing servers way back in 2013 as I left Runescape because the game was simply, unplayable. Yeah, I was playing private servers when I was 13 years old. I started developing my servers around the summer of 2015, as I started taking Java Classes. I've been doing this for a very long time, and I've met many of you guys through this server, many of you from the version one that I still have on my dropbox. LOL So feel free to message me in game, My in game username is Stars, I'm usually working on issues that you guys find within the game. If there is any suggestions you have, please feel free to let our staff team know, as they are the first line of getting in contact with me if I'm not online. If there is any related questions that you have about myself, please reply and let me know. I will happily answer questions as long as they are not from @Imp If you are a veteran player, please post an introduction, as many of us players know each other from at least 5 years of doing this, some new players may not know who you are. You may never know who you have common interests with, and may meet life long friends 🙂 -Stars
  10. Greetings, As of writing this, I can inform you that we've been experiencing very long and drawn out attacks, not on our network, but our hosting providers complete network. As a result, you guys have been experiencing latency, ping, and disconnection. I've spoke with the Owner of our hosting company, he has assured me that they will have a resolution within 48 hours. Please be patient with them, as they are working to deploy a resolution. Please message me if you have any issues. -Stars
  11. thank you for this wonderful post. pinned. +1 cookies for sly.
  12. Greetings, Here is a little fun game we are going to play. The team that has more votes and actually wins, will receive a mystery box. Have fun. -Stars
  13. Greetings, Primal is off to a pretty good start. Thank you all for being patient. Server Updates World Boss Changes You should be able to keep your items now on death. Corp has been removed from the list of potential NPC's. Removed Sara from the World Bossses. Quest Tab Changes World Bosses should now show you when the next boss is coming. World Bosses should now appear on your quest tab. World Bosses will countdown in your tab if you click on the section. Donation Bond Changes Donation bond should set your amount donated after you use the bond now. If you run into more issues, please let me know. Store has been adjusted to allow for shards to be purchased. Login for store has been disabled for now. Store Tweaks Salamander's have been added to the General Store. Pure Essence has been added to the Ironman shop while the Runecrafting issues get sorted. Home Changes / Clue Adjustments Wizard has been moved back 4 tiles. Gnome Coach has been moved outside of the ropes for the clue Donor Benefits adjustments Pest Control points have been adjusted, now regular donators gain 3 points, super donators and above are +5. Inferno Waves have been adjusted to the following Regular Player - Wave 1 Donators now start on wave 20 Super Donators now start on Wave 30 Extreme Donators now will start on 35 Ultra Donators now start on wave 40 Champion Donators and above now start on wave 45.
  14. Greetings, It's been a while since I noted our updates, doesn't mean we haven't been doing updates, but forgetting to post them. Here is the updates we've done. Server : Pest Control - Pest Control is now fully functional. A bug with the timer has been adjusted. Pest Control now requires 3 people. A previous bug that allowed only 1 player to do Pest Control has been removed. Discord Logging - Our server is fully intergrated with discord. It allows staff members to track Bugs, Drops, Trades, and Boss Kills. It also allows all players to see rare drops found in the game. Discord Commands You may check our current players online using the command ::players in the discord. Wilderness Boss - The Wilderness has now had a change, as the drops have been adjusted to be less rare. The Wilderness Bosses will spawn now every hour. There is a 2 minute cool down between the boss spawning. World Boss Our world boss config is now setup and proper. An array of multiple bosses located from the server will now spawn every hour. This place is now set to a multi location so everyone can attack them. This is a dangerous area for now and you will lose items on death. This is something we are currently looking at and looking for ideas to build.