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  1. Hey guys decided to record my progress towards max skills, please check it out while you're playing 😉 Enjoy!
  2. Bugs & Suggestions Bugs: Eastern inferno eel fishing spot cannot be reached. Trap door at new home doesn't work. Cannot run past certain point south of Edgeville Cannot run past certain point west of Edgeville When system updates players progress set back. Suggestions: Add Hunting teleport location for Woodland Chins Add Hunting Outfit Store Add Yanille Hunter Supply Store to list of Hunter teleports Add Wilderness Resource Area to teleport interface, in related skills tabs/wilderness tab. (Mining, FIshing, Woodcutting) Make home command cancel players current animation/or add teleport anim. for ::home command. Add dialogue to donator portal for non-donators, could potentially advertise benefits of donating. Add Chef's hat to general store Add Cooking Guantlets/Gloves of silence (Possible Achievement Diary rewards) Add Achievement Diary store Add wilderness lever that was in original Edgeville. Add Catherby to Fishing Locations Add Canifis to Agility Course teleport locations Add using hammer on inferno eels. (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Infernal_eel) More to come! Sincerely, Will😉
  3. Will

    New Home

    Looks amazing, you guys out did yourselves. A couple minor things I noticed that could be fixed, Master Thurgo doesn't have a dialogue. Master Chef doesn't have a dialogue. The Bloody Key Chest is underneath the portal of legends. The portal of legends doesn't work. The Fairy tree doesn't do anything when you interact with it. The trap door doesn't work. The development team is probably already tracking these minor things but if not, here you go 😛 Thanks guys, good job 🙂
  4. Runecrafting Bugs Altar Bugs The following altars do not work. ‣ Body altar ‣ Cosmic Altar ‣ Nature Altar ‣ Law Altar ‣ Death Altar All the altars(except body) have an unclickable object. I realize the development team is focused on other important tasks at hand, such as trading post etc. but this will defiantly have a drastic effect on Runecrafting, and is an easy fix on the programming side of things. Also, please note you can still craft runes utilizing the Abyss, just more inconvenient. Thank you, Will 🙂
  5. Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I'm just confused with the stalls why the level requirements are set like this...
  6. Will


    Name: Will In Game Username: Will How long have you played Runescape: I started playing Runescape around 2007. What do you enjoy about Runescape: I enjoy interacting within the community. As well setting goals in the game and achieving them. How long have you played Primal: I started playing Primal on 2/9/20. Why did you start playing RSPS: Playing RSPS has always been tons of fun to me, whether a spawn PvP server or an economy PvM server. It's always fun being able to quickly [Compared to real Runescape] grind to max levels, without it taking years. 😛 Anything else about yourself: Hello ツ I'm 23 & am from Long Island, New York. I'm a specialist in the US Army NY National Guard as a military police officer a little shy of 3 years. I'm currently on State Active Duty orders. I'm in a Task Force called Empire Shield that provides additional security from threats in New York City. As fun & cool as that may sound, my day basically consists of driving an hour and a half to the city, standing in an Airport, train station or occasionally patrolling in a vehicle for 8 hours, BORED OUT OF MY F*CKING MIND & QUESTIONING WHAT IM DOING WITH MY LIFE then driving back home in traffic at 5 o'clock which usually takes 2-3 hours to get home. It's horrible great! Looking forward to talking to you in-game or on the forums! Thanks, Willツ
  7. Bugs & Suggestions Bugs: Achievement Diary NPC opens Magic Guild Store instead of an Achievement Diary Shop. Keldagrim teleport is wrong coordinates. Add necessary NPC's to Keldagrim. (Such as Clue Scroll related NPCs. Ex: Ambassador Alvijar) Add Ava's Accumulator Ranged Level requirement. Suggestions: Remove Ava's Accumulator from shop, so players are forced to use Ava to acquire all the devices. Add Knives to Ranged portion of shop. Add Red D'hide to Ranged portion of shop. Add Snakeskin to Ranged portion of shop. Make Agility shortcuts have level requirements. Will give places incentive to train Agility. Adjust Potion & Food cost in shops. I realize the developers attention are focused on revamping the shops. Will post suggestions for renovations of the shops. More to come! Sincerely, Will😉
  8. Bugs & Suggestions Bugs: Spinning Wheel not working. While attempting to spin wool I received the message, "not enough materials to continue." While having a full inventory of wool. Rock crabs not attacking when walked next to. Possible solution, remove the rock crabs when inactive and just add the rock crabs while active to NPCSpawns. South of Edgeville Dungeon Teleport location gate does not work. West of Edgeville Dungeon Teleport location cannot walk past point shown in image below. Falador teleport spell does not work. Fairy Ring BJR does not work. (Needed for clue) Suggestions: Add opals to supply shop for low level crafting. Add Al-Kharid teleport to City teleports. Add Hill Giants for to training teleport.(Edgeville Dungeon) Hill Giants provide a good method for lower levels to acquire big bones. Adjust thieving stalls level required & value of rewards at Edgeville. More to come! Sincerely, Will😉