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Update #5

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It's been a while since I noted our updates, doesn't mean we haven't been doing updates, but forgetting to post them. Here is the updates we've done.

Server :

  • Pest Control -
    • Pest Control is now fully functional. A bug with the timer has been adjusted.
      • Pest Control now requires 3 people.
      • A previous bug that allowed only 1 player to do Pest Control has been removed.
  • Discord Logging - 
    • Our server is fully intergrated with discord. 
      • It allows staff members to track Bugs, Drops, Trades, and Boss Kills.
        • It also allows all players to see rare drops found in the game.
    • Discord Commands
      • You may check our current players online using the command ::players in the discord.
  • Wilderness Boss -
    • The Wilderness has now had a change, as the drops have been adjusted to be less rare.
      • The Wilderness Bosses will spawn now every hour.
      • There is a 2 minute cool down between the boss spawning.
  • World Boss
    • Our world boss config is now setup and proper.
      • An array of multiple bosses located from the server will now spawn every hour. 
        • This place is now set to a multi location so everyone can attack them.
        • This is a dangerous area for now and you will lose items on death. 
          • This is something we are currently looking at and looking for ideas to build.

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