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Update #6

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Primal is off to a pretty good start. Thank you all for being patient.

Server Updates

  • World Boss Changes
    • You should be able to keep your items now on death.
    • Corp has been removed from the list of potential NPC's.
    • Removed Sara from the World Bossses.
  • Quest Tab Changes
    • World Bosses should now show you when the next boss is coming.
    • World Bosses should now appear on your quest tab.
    • World Bosses will countdown in your tab if you click on the section. 
  • Donation Bond Changes
    • Donation bond should set your amount donated after you use the bond now. If you run into more issues, please let me know. 
    • Store has been adjusted to allow for shards to be purchased.
    • Login for store has been disabled for now.
  • Store Tweaks
    • Salamander's have been added to the General Store.
    • Pure Essence has been added to the Ironman shop while the Runecrafting issues get sorted.
  • Home Changes / Clue Adjustments
    • Wizard has been moved back 4 tiles.
    • Gnome Coach has been moved outside of the ropes for the clue
  • Donor Benefits adjustments
    • Pest Control points have been adjusted, now regular donators gain 3 points, super donators and above are +5.
    • Inferno Waves have been adjusted to the following
      • Regular Player - Wave 1
        • Donators now start on wave 20
        • Super Donators now start on Wave 30
        • Extreme Donators now will start on 35
        • Ultra Donators now start on wave 40
        • Champion Donators and above now start on wave 45.

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