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Server Update #2

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Greetings, Primal has launched for 3 weeks now. Crazy how fast the time has went by. We are still struggling to maintain a player count, and we need all of you to share as many links, and get the word about our server out there. Thanks to all of you for sticking with us, this is not an easy task, and we do this all for you. Here is a quick list of updates from the Server.

Server Updates :

  • Shop Changes-
    • Iron man are no longer allowed to use the Pure Shop.
      • Users who have accessed this shop before are allowed to keep the items, as taking all the items from players for a mistake on us, isn't fair.
    • Bow String has been added to the store. It has value adjusted to 5,611.
      • It is not noted, and only has a maximum amount of 250 to keep the drops value able.
  • Item Fixes / Changes
    • Trident of the Seas is now equitable and functional. Tony you would of fun grinding this and it didn't even work ( 😉 )
    • Amulet of the Damned now goes in the proper place.
    • Leaf Bladed Sword goes in the proper place now.
    • Skill Capes now go in the proper location and have the proper value.
    • Several Max Capes now are usable.
    • Several NPC drops will no longer be displayed as Dwarf Remains.
    • Pets will no longer announce as "Dwarf Remains".
    • Slayer Helm has been reduced to 450 points.
  • Database Updates
    • Accurate Player counter will now be displayed on the website.
    • Started on The Donator Shop; This should be finished later this week, hopefully.
  • Staff Updates
    • Moderators+ can now properly spawn Skotizo Events, Shooting Star Events, and start FFA.
      • There was a bug in these commands , and these commands should only be used if the player count is above 10.

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