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Shops Rework Suggestions

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Sly    1

Hello all,

In the next week I will be working on a full shops rework. The donator shop, the vote shop and all other shops in the game will be going through a major rework. With the coming of the Trading Post we want to be more centric around player trades. All shops will have most raw materials removed and replaced on the drop table, some basics will remain. This can change depending on the player perspective, but for now I think it will promote player trade. 

For the shops, Sebast on the discord made some good points on reworking the donator shop to remove some of the rare drops which I think is a good idea. 

I would like to get some player ideas on what is missing from the shops, what should be removed from the shops and what things should remain in the shop.

Please post your suggestions


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Sphinx    3

Donator Shop:

  • Yell tag change scroll
  • Name change scroll
  • Slayer skip scroll
  • Imbue ring scroll
  • Mystery Box (Rewards ranging from a whip, to barrows, to a very slight chance of getting AGS? And those kind of items)
  • Bone crusher (Automatic bone burying)
  • Holy wrench
  • Bag of bones (Automatic bone picking)
  • Darklight
  • Ancient Shards for Darklight to become Arclight (FAST WAY OF CHARGING)
  • Elite Void
  • D Claws ONLY.
  • Ags/Bgs/Zgs/Sgs ONLY.
  • Imbued God capes. (Useful for ironmen donors-to-be -- targeting ironmen)
  • Ranger boots (Useful for ironmen donors-to-be -- targeting ironmen)

Vote Shop:

  • Supply Box (Ranarrs, prayer pots, super sets, food, dbones, runes, arrows, seeds, bars, ores, gems)
  • Magic secateurs
  • Firecape
  • Torso
  • Defender
  • Crystal Tools (Halberd/Bow/Shield/Pickaxe/Axe)
  • Tree teleport pod
  • Christmas Cracker
  • Santa Hat
  • Mask H. Set
  • Bunny Ears
  • Scythe
  • Gnome child hat
  • Jester/Wolly hat and scarf
  • Flippers
  • Ring of coins/nature
  • Easter ring

Tools Shop:

  • Containing all skilling tools from 1 lvl tools to runite tools/lobster pot and so on these tools.

Mage Shop:

  • Everything but blood rune.

Melee Shop:

  • Everything but dragon armour.
  • Dont include whip or anything.
  • Last tier should be dragon weps.

Range Shop:

  • Everything. Even black dhide set.

Other shops:

  • Remove skilling supplies
    • Shark
    • Prayer Potion/Restores
    • These kind of high-end/tier supplies
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