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Update #7

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Greetings, Primal has had another successful week, peaking at 14 players with hardly any veterans on. Here is the following updates from this week. As always, they will be posted in the following format, Server, Client, and Site updates.

Server Updates:

  • Slayer Improvements
    • Konar has been re-enabled. She does not currently assign the tasks within a certain coordinate group, however, she is the only Slayer Master that will assign the Drakes and Hydra's.
    • Slayer Ring
      • As posted in a previous thread, the Slayer Ring now has 8 charges and teleports you to your task directly!
    • Slayer Tasks
      • The following tasks have been re-enabled and are properly assignable now.
        • Cows - Assigned by beginner Slayer Masters.
        • Cave Horrors- Assigned by All Slayer Masters.
  • Shop/ Home Changes:
    • Added Aubury Rune shop to home with the following shops
      • Ironman Rune shop
      • Regular Player Rune Shop
    • Added Items to supplies shop for Ironmen
    • Added Ava to create ranged backpacks for you
  • Bugs Patched
    • Fixed issues with Donation bonds.
    • All bonds will add $10 to total spent Will be given 100 credits for each bond.
    • Fixed resetting of AmountSpent on new purchases. 
    • Talking to donation manager will give correct rank.
    • Fixed the theiving stalls at home
    • removed Several NPCS unused from Zeah.
    • Fixed Rune Essense Mining
    • Fixed Varrock Bank
    • Added Keldagram teleport.
  • Content Improvements
    • Added some herblore secondaries to some slayer monsters drop (this will be enhanced later)
    • Removed assembler drop from vorkath and added Vorkath Head
    • Fixed potions in raids (rough fix, need to understand the full mechanics)
    • Added clue item shop fixed the ladder from the digsite to canifis
    • Reorganized Teleports (to be further enhanced, possibly new interface)
  • Donator Zone
    • Fixed All the Woodcutting Objects
      • Assigned the proper stumps to Trees.
    • Added Several NPC's to Dzone.
    • Still updating the Dzone, will have a polished update following the trading post.

Client Updates

  • Auto Updater
    • Allows us to auto update the client without the usage of a launcher.
    • Fixed a bug where random files would be downloaded on desktop.
  • Renaming
    • Renamed ckey "chest" to "Crystal Key Chest"
    • Renamed rewards "chest" to "Primal Rewards Chest"
    • Renamed all Donators boxes to reflect correct ranks
    • Removed Falador shield drop from infernal caves drop table
  • Runelite UI
    • Removed some nonfunctioning plugins from Runelite client
    • Correctly named and versioned the client
    • Setup correct links on the client information
    • Added new icons to reflect link updates in client updated donator icons
    • Updated owner icon
    • Updated announcement icon

Site Updates:

  • Site Improvements
    • Fixed some design issues with store and homepage and hiscores
    • Added monthly top voters and top players to leaderboards added member of the month system

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