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Runecrafting Bugs [2/13/20]

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Will    1

Runecrafting-logo.thumb.png.d08df115f274995c94804e9046639f3e.pngRunecrafting BugsRunecrafting-logo.thumb.png.d08df115f274995c94804e9046639f3e.png



Altar Bugs

The following altars do not work.

‣ Body altar

‣ Cosmic Altar

‣ Nature Altar

‣ Law Altar

‣ Death Altar

All the altars(except body) have an unclickable object.





I realize the development team is focused on other important tasks at hand, such as trading post etc. but this will defiantly have a drastic effect on Runecrafting, and is an easy fix on the programming side of things.

Also, please note you can still craft runes utilizing the Abyss, just more inconvenient.


Thank you, Will 🙂

Edited by Will

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