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Bugs & Suggestions #3[2/15/20]

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Will    1

Bugs & Suggestions



  • Eastern inferno eel fishing spot cannot be reached.
  • Trap door at new home doesn't work.
  • Cannot run past certain point south of Edgeville
  • Cannot run past certain point west of Edgeville
  • When system updates players progress set back.



  • Add Hunting teleport location for Woodland Chins
  • Add Hunting Outfit Store
  • Add Yanille Hunter Supply Store to list of Hunter teleports 
  • Add Wilderness Resource Area to teleport interface, in related skills tabs/wilderness tab. (Mining, FIshing, Woodcutting)
  • Make home command cancel players current animation/or add teleport anim. for ::home command.
  • Add dialogue to donator portal for non-donators, could potentially advertise benefits of donating. 
  • Add Chef's hat to general store
  • Add Cooking Guantlets/Gloves of silence (Possible Achievement Diary rewards)
  • Add Achievement Diary store
  • Add wilderness lever that was in original Edgeville.
  • Add Catherby to Fishing Locations 
  • Add Canifis to Agility Course teleport locations
  • Add using hammer on inferno eels. (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Infernal_eel)



More to come!

Sincerely, Will😉 



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