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Updates #1

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Greetings, Today has been both a busy and challenging day for Primal. Here are the updates that were completed today.

  • Server Updates
    • Navigator Bug- A previous bug that was linked to the Navigator has been fixed.
      • Additionally, the Navigator has had an update to allow for a refresh each time the object is clicked on.
    • NPC Updates
      • Nieve has been relocated to inside the Home Hub just outside of the bank.
        • All of her functions are still the same, just simply removed to make things a tad bit more convenient for all of you.
        • The Pet Data for Rocky (Thieving Pet) was corrupted and didn't work. This has been addressed and now the pet will actually be given on an actual rate.
    • Chambers of Xeric
      • Several Fixes went into our live version today
        • Olm no longer has 99999 defense.
        • Olm's right had is now attackable.
        • Olm's left had is now attackable.
        • Olm will shift through all the proper attacks.
        • Olm's rewards will show after the kill.
        • Rare Rewards are now fully obtainable and functioning.
    • Services
      • Highscores have been linked.
      • Voting has been linked.
      • HeatMaps have been disabled until release.
  • Hosting Updates:
    • Our site has been migrated to a better host. This will allow us to do much more with our website and features later down the road.
    • VPS upgrades - Our VPS has been upgraded to sustain a large player count and to help with latency and other services.
      • This was a top priority as we want the experience to be the best that it possibly can be.


Thank you all for your continued support as we reach for new goals. 



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