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Updates #2

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Had some free time today so pushed out a few more server updates.


  • Raids Updates :
    • Tekton has been added to Raids!
      • Tekton will scale based off how many players you have.
        • Tekton has a base hp of 1000 + 100 per player that joins the raid.
        • Tekton will drop several important items for the final boss fight, including Overloads.
        • Tekton will give more points to help gain extra rare drops 🙂
        • Tekton now has proper rates and will not have 9999 defense.
        • Tekton will no longer respawn after he is killed.
        • Raid Points will now show the proper amount after leaving the raids.
  • Client Update :
    • Client will now properly tell you what Version you are using. 
      • The Beta client will not reflect these changes as it's just a testing client and will not actually be the live client.
  • Boosters
    • Boosters were added into the Donation Store.
      • Each Booster will have a set price at $5.
      • Boosters will also be an option in the voting store for 40 votes each.
      • Current Boosters will also stack with any server boost that is currently live (example : Double Donations, ect).
        • List of Current Boosters:
          • Pet Booster : Boosts Pet Luck for 30 minutes
          • Drop Booster : Drop Rates are boosted for 30 minutes.
          • Clue Booster : Clues have a higher chance of dropping for 30 minutes.
          • WARNING : If you go AFK while your boosters are active, you will lose that time.
            • No Refunds will be permitted for boosters. Use at your Own Risk.
            • Boosters are tradeable, and will allow for easy exchange via the Grand Exchange/ Player Trades.

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