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Updates #3

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Greetings, Another fabulous day at the officeย ๐Ÿ˜Ž, here are the updates from 1/4/2020

  • Server Updates:
    • Donator Zone:
      • ::Dzone has been added.
        • You must contribute atleast $10 to gain access to the donator zone.
        • Dzone has access to A Restore Pool, Altar Swiching, Rune Ore, and a Bank.
          • This is the only place where Rune can be found outside the Wilderness.
          • Another Nieve has been spawned at Dzone.
      • The Donator Zone is still under construction and may be changed.
    • Store Changes:
      • Our Store has been updated.
        • 3 Packages of Primal Shards have been added to the Shop.
        • 3 Packages of Primal Donator Ranks have been added to the Shop.
        • 2 Boosters have been added to the Shop.
        • Donations will no longer be x1000 for Amount Donated.
        • You will NOT gain Donation Rank for Credits.
          • You must buy the Rank with the Credits to Obtain Donator Rank.
    • Server Messages:
      • Previous messages have been altared to be more tailered to our server.
      • Discord message now pops up as the default message.
      • Server messages will now pop up every 3000 game ticks instead of 1500.
    • Object Updates:
      • Serveral Objects that would randomly open a bank have been patched.
    • Donation Manager
      • Ever Curious on what each Rank does for Donating? We have a solution.
        • You may check to see each Donator Ranks Perks by using our Donation Manager at home.
          • Our Donation Manager has been spotted one square to the left of the Pet Manager.
      • Weekly Mystery Boxes-
        • Donators will gain weekly Boxes
        • Diamond gain 1 box per week
        • Ruby gain 2 boxes per week.
        • Amethyest Donators + gain 3 boxes per week.

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