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Server Update #1

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Greetings All, First week of Primal has went pretty smooth, and we are excited kick things off this weekend with our first weekend events. Here is a run down of things that have happened during the first week.

Server Updates-

  • ::vote command now works and opens up our voting page.
  • Voting Rewards have been added. You gain One point per vote, and the Vote Book is a 2 point reward system. If you chose to use the vote book, you can chose the option to get your vote points from the book.
  • OSRS items have had an adjustment done so most items have the correct value in the shops.
  • If you see an item that comes up as Dwarf Remains, please report it to a Staff Member so we can adjust the items that come up as Dwarf Remains.
  • Cheat Prevention has been adjusted from 1 out of 50 clicks to 1 out of a 100 due to the amount of times the interface could open up.
  • Super Mystery box has been removed and the Extreme Mystery Box has taken the place of the Super Mystery Box.
  • Discord Doug -
    •  Those players who remained in the discord during the Server Downtime received him. Thanks to all who stayed dedicated to us 💖
  • Several Items that dropped unstacked have now been adjusted and now have the correct values placed. 
    • If you have an item that drops unstacked, please let a Staff Member know as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • ::Topic will now direct you to directly to a topic. Simply read the number in the url and use the code ::topic (number goes here).
  • Several Typo's and misplaced words were fixed or replaced.
  • Real World Trading
    • Our Previous Base introduced the ability to "Real World Trade", we have removed all features of that, and if you Real World Trade, you will be punished.
  • Started working on the Donation System, and have came up with several ideas and features. Another post will be created for that, please remain patient as we work to benefit the server in the best possible way.
Client Changes -
  • None this week, stay focused for future Client Updates.
Website Changes- 
  • New Theme
  • New Voting Site
  • Download on Site now works proper.

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