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Updates #4

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Time sure flies when your having fun. Here is the following updates from the past 2 days.

  • Slayer
    • Slayer has had a huge revamp, while Konar doesn't currently work, all the other slayer masters should work now.
      • Added Proper definitions for all Slayer Npcs.
      • Added Proper Slayer task amounts, previous was glitched.
      • Lowered the total amount of points Krystilla had.
  • Krystilia 
    • Krystilia was basically ruined, I re-created the way she assigned tasks.
      • Krystilla will no longer assign boss tasks.
      • Krystilla will only give you npcs Primal currently has spawned in the wilderness.
      • Rune Dragons are located in the Wilderness.
  • Home Changes
    • Primal Navigator
      • The Previous Teleporter was too big and bunkly. 
        • Replacing the Portal Nexus is now the Wizard.
      • The Wizard has a previous teleport option to make things a little more efficient.
      • Max Hit dummy was added at home.
      • Lottery System was added at home.
      • Removed Mimic from home, this feature is currently not added.
      • Moved the Make Over Mage around. Her other spot was just weird.
  • Primal Loyalty
    • Found this while digging around, it works , so it's added. Just visit the chest at home to get started.
      • Re-enabled a feature that only allows one account per mac address to login.c78436d39ec39b3bba2e802aa6853a48.png            ee8db68f1abe7f19d473072d34e8ac2c.png


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