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Welcome! Here are some F.A.Q.

- What are Credits?
Credits are a currency that allows you to by items from our online store. Credits purchased will appear on your online account once purchased.

- What are Scrolls?
Scrolls are a way to transfer/sell online credits. Redeeming a scroll in-game will not effect your rank, they are simply a way to sell online store credits in-game. If you redeem a 50$ scroll in-game, your forum account will be credited with the amount held on the scroll.

- Credits aren't showing up immediately?
Don't worry! Sometimes the processor can take a bit to inform the forums of your donation. We ask that you allow up to 5 minutes before contacting a staff member or post a report!

- How do I claim my items in-game?
You can use the ::claim command while in-game

- What benefits come from donating?
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